Deer Pizzle & Tibet Aweto Sex Pill, Sex Capsule, Sex Enhancer
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  • This product takes the international macro-molecule biology material as main material, and takes various kinds of famous and precious animals and plants medical materials as the supplementary material, adopts the most advanced supercutical fluid extraction technique, completely keeps the biological activity of the active material of the andrusol, these ingredients can directly effect into the inside of corpus cavernosum penis, to distend the blood vessel and promotes harder and stronger, meanwhile it can active the cell regeneration promotion gene, makes the andrusol in sleeping condition comes back to life and grows again, so as to promote the growth and development of penis tissue, enhances the tissue growth further, rapidly prolong, widens and enlarges the penis, reaches the purpose of again development and increment.
  • This product has the characteristic of quick acting, which can effectively solve the secondary big problem of short sex time,prevents premature ejaculation, prolongs sex time, to make the females feel high.
  • The plant active ingredient of this product is with th feature of easiness and the funtion of treatment of general debility, which can improve the male's body condition fundamentally, benefits brain and relieve mental, creates the new energy of human body in time, entirely prolongs the golden time of male's sex life, fights against senium, anti-fatigue, invigorates the spleen and tonify the kidney-yang, softens the blood vessel, vigorous and smooth qi and blood, reduces blood fat, reduces the viscosity of blood, and also has a certain cure effect to the prostate sick.
  • The specific slow release technique of the product can let the medical effect exist in human body fo 7-9 days, and the stimulus from opposite sex would make you stronger and longer time lasting, this product can help your body to be strong, let your life full of male's oomph, your physiological function will never sharp cutoff, conquer the male's senilism, make your sexual ability resurqence.
  • Principal Ingredients: taking the purity imported materials as the main ingredient, with supplementary materials including galangal fruit, actinolite, deer genital, deer sinew, deer antler, tortoise plastron, walnut core, sea horse, broomrape and so on.
  • Indications: 1. People with small penis, generative organs dysplasia,middle age and old age people, body debility, deficiency of the kidney, penis atrophia, premature ejaculation, and hyposexuality.
  • 2. People who are not satisfied with one's own penis and need to prolong the penis.
  • 3. People who are pursuing the quality life, expressing complete ego, and prolonging the time of sexual love.
  • 4. People with relative weakness in the loins and knees, mental weariness and lethargy, short breath and rapid respiration, deficiency of food and loss of appetite, dizziness and tinnitus.
  • Dosage and Administration: Take one time 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse orally would have great effect (quick acting + prolong time) by warm boiled water. Take one time every 3 days for daily health care.
  • Precautions: 1. Take medicine overdosage because of eager for quick success and instant benefit is forbidden.
  • 2. Drink the cool boiled water can deal with the effect of erection many times or long time erection without emission after taking medicine.
  • 3. The medicine cannot be taken twice in 24 hours.
  • 4. The cardiac and the patient with high blood pressure are all permitted to take this medicine.
  • 5. Maltreatment of women is forbidden.
  • Validity: 3 years.
  • Specification: 15800mg X 10capsules
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